New to Verve?

You’ve come across something rather odd: A Church For People Who Don’t Like Church. It sounds stupid. Why would you start something for the one group of people who aren’t interested in what you’re offering? But the reality is that there are a lot of people who are looking for God and seeking a spiritual dimension to life, but just don’t want to go to church to find it.

And who can blame them? Most churches seem judgmental and holier than thou. They make you wear your Sunday best, play music from the 1800s, and are too into politics. And they seem to care more about people’s money than people.

So what if there was a church that flipped the script? A church where no perfect people were allowed, because there are no perfect people. Where everyone can just come as they are and be themselves. A church that was about relationships – loving God and loving people, and about serving – turning the world upside down. A church that was fun, and relevant, and really made a difference in your life.

You might call that odd. We call it Verve. And we’d love for you to check out who we are through this website, and to show up and check out who we are in person. Unless you like church. Because we are definitely church for people who don’t like church.

We offer three identical services every weekend:

  • Two on Sunday, at 10:05 and 11:35 am
  • One on Monday, at 7:05 pm

We’re located at 7850 Dean Martin Drive, Suite 503, in Las Vegas.